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Hijo Estate Resorts

I’ve always thought of home as a place where we can be at our most real state. Home, after all, is for comfort, for peace, for rest, for sanctuary. Most importantly, it is nearly impossible to stray from the idea that home, at the core of it all, is for family. Lanikai is a place that summons these particular ideals. It is home to family—our family.

My father acquired what has now become Hijo Estate Resort in April of 1968 from a series of American companies that planned to turn it into a plantation for Cavendish bananas—a difficult task which they chose not to complete. My father, the nationalistic dreamer that he was, chose not to give up on the property. Now, the entirety of Hijo and what it has become stands as strong evidence to our people’s perseverance, and we have found that the beauty of this land is something too great to keep solely to ourselves. So here, we invite you to be a part of it all.

The heavenly sea—the translation of a word that aptly rolls off the tongue—Lanikai, our home by the gulf of our homeland. Here, the sea protects us in ways completely incomparable, and here, we’ve found existence in its truest form. This is what we wish to share with you.

My family welcomes you home. We’ll make sure to leave the door open.